New Honda Odyssey Features

Odyssey Design


Designer looks that put comfort and function first.

Odyssey Adaptable seating

Adaptable seating

One moment you're strapping them in, the next they're borrowing the car for a surf expedition. Whichever stage your family is at, the Odyssey has the perfect seat configuration. It's thanks to 40/20/40 split-fold third-row seats, which can be folded away into an under-floor cavity to create a cavernous cargo area.

Odyssey Interior Dash

Interior Dash

The cleanly arranged dashboard brings a touch of elegance to your driving experience. A seamlessly integrated central display keeps the most important information in direct sight.

Odyssey Second Row Comfort

Second Row Comfort

The 7-seat VTi-L, hosts two very indulgent captain's chairs in the second row. These seats are designed to slide together for enhanced access to the third row, or apart to create a handy centre aisle. The chairs recline and extend with the unique ottoman footrest so your passengers can be chauffeured in ultimate comfort.

Odyssey Performance


A powerful people mover, with handling that defies its size.

Odyssey ECON Mode


Engage the green button and Odyssey does exactly what you might expect, adjusting engine behaviour, transmission and air conditioning to maximise fuel economy.

Odyssey Engine


At the heart of this car lies an impressive Earth Dreams 2.4L DOHC i-VTEC engine, with enough power for a quick cross-town jaunt with the whole family in tow. The Odyssey generates an impressive 225Nm of torque and 129kW of pure power, making every little errand a pleasure to run.

Odyssey Transmission


Experience a seamless wave of power with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Designed to ensure the throttle responds curtly when you press the accelerator, the result is exhilarating acceleration and a smoother, more natural driving feel.

Odyssey Technology


Introducing, the smartest member of the family.

Odyssey Multi Zone Climate Control

Multi Zone Climate Control

Conduct the interior climate from the front seat with the impressive touch-based control panel. With an up or down swipe of the finger you can pinpoint your perfect cruising temperature, one degree at a time. Just like magic. In the VTi-L, rear seat passengers can also independently adjust fan and temperature settings to take control of their own climate.

Odyssey 7-Inch Display

7-Inch Display

It wouldn't be a Honda without its cleverly designed interface. This full-colour, 7-inch touchscreen display keeps you connected to your world. What's more, with access to Siri® voice commands+, you needn't take your hands off the steering wheel. Answer a call°, listen to music and even send and receive messages all while staying focused on the road.

Odyssey Push Button Start

Push Button Start

When the key fob is within range, the Odyssey comes to life at the push of a button. Just press your foot on the brake pedal and hit start. To turn the car off, simply hit the button again.

Odyssey Safety


With its 5-star ANCAP safety rating, the highest possible assessment, safety comes first in the Odyssey.

Odyssey Multi-View Camera

Multi-View Camera

Smile, because the Odyssey has you covered. The VTi puts its multi-angle reversing camera at your service, while the VTi-L features four cameras mounted around the car to provide an impressive 360° panoramic view. Simply touch the central screen or press a button on the indicator stalk to engage the camera or switch between views.

Odyssey Rear Cross Traffic Monitor

Rear Cross Traffic Monitor

Like a second set of eyes, Rear Cross Traffic monitor lets you reverse out into the street with confidence. The Rear Cross Traffic Monitor detects oncoming traffic on either side, and alerts you via an audible warning and multi-view camera display. It's clever thinking at its most practical.

Odyssey Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)

This technology helps keep the Odyssey on course in adverse driving conditions by detecting, then mitigating, potential understeer or oversteer. When necessary, VSA automatically reduces engine power and manages brake pressure to individual wheels to help regain control.


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